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She is a recipient of the Global Author’s Award in the UK and serves a mentor with African Woman in Europe ( AWE). As an international speaker, Janine had shared the stage with Ndaba Mandela, JT Foxx   -the #1 wealth coach, Vanilla Ice, among many other industry leaders. Janine was also featured in the cover story of “her grit magazine,” a South African Magazine.

She leverages extensive research and over 15 years of experience in natural hair care to train natural hair therapists to cater to the growing need for natural hair care across the globe. She aims to educate a minimum of 5,000 natural hair therapists through quality education and her NISH certification programs.


NISH eBook

Whenever we talk about hair care, the first thing comes in our mind is of using hair care
products. This is not strange, since we do use a lot of products to enhance the beauty of our hair.


An intensive 6 weeks course that will teach you step by step how to retain hair length using the hair care philosophy “NISH”

Satin Pillow

The maintenance of your hair,outside washing days, are just as important. One of the ways to do this is by making sure that , when you are sleeping, no moisture is withdrawn from your hair. To prevent this, you need to use silk pillowcases.

Janine van Throo is a driven, honest woman and a professional in her field.I have a very good experience and can always count on very good advice and explanation about the products that make you clean inside and make you shine outside.I use the water kefir every morning with a teaspoon of MSM powder. This promotes my hair growth and literally cleanses me inside.
I am very satisfied with the Herbal scalp oil, the okra hairline, and my silk nightcap.

Carmen K - The Netherlands

Janine and I are teenage friends. Moving to another country meant we didn’t see for years. When we finally met again I saw a whole lot of bottles cups and containers in her kitchen. And I wondered “what was cooking” was she baking cakes all day? Nothing like that. She appeared to be a true scientist, and she told me about her business – HAIR and how it all started: with her own curls.
The relationship between hair and femininity has always been there, but in the fashion industry, black models are a dime a dozen making them feeling somewhat less attractive when it comes to their hair as compared to others. It creates this constant need to go for straightening, wigs and extensions techniques that actually damage the natural hair. She felt it would be great to design hair products for these ladies to make them feel beautiful again “au naturelle” and not having to go through the routines of hiding their own hair. Embracing their natural identity that’s what it’s all about.
As flattening irons have fallen to the side new products are needed and that’s when Janine thought about creating her own product working it from her own kitchen at first The growing popularity of her natural hair products have spoken to her clientele by simply doing the job right – Hair is more than just a business idea based on an aesthetic trend to Janine –it’s about the empowerment of all these Women she thinks of. And it’s about the empowerment of herself.

Desiree S.- Aruba

I feel like a woman again! For many years it seems as if my hair would not grow. It broke and I even had bald spots. I started to use the NISH and I am so happy that I was coached by Janine. My bald spots are gone, I have a routine that is easy for me and my hair!! Oooh my hair!!!
Thank you Janine

Sandra D- The Netherlands

My Experience

September 2004 

Founded Sisay Cosmetics

Sisay cosmetics started as a webshop offering natural hair and skincare products. 

March 2009

Founded and operated the first natural hair salon in Amsterdam “Sisay wellness Boutique”

In the centre of Amsterdam, the first Natural hair salon was a true phenomenon. Women and young ladies from all over the Netherlands and Europe visited the Sisay Wellness Boutique. Soon after opening this wellness boutique became a safe haven for a lot of women and young ladies.

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