How to SUCCESSFULLY Treat your Natural Hair


SUNDAY, AUGUST 11, 2019 · 9:30–11:30 am ET


What you are going to get in the workshop?


  1. The four pillars in the NISH philosophy and how your hair benefits from it
  2. Discover the secrets of preventing Hair Breakage
  3. Uncover the Mystery of products to accomplish beautiful natural hair.
  4. Bits of advice to deal with damaged Hair
  5. Key Reasons behind your poor, unhealthy hair and what you can do about that
  6. Roadmap to achieve happy healthy hair and a surprise gift…

Let’s be honest, taking care of your natural hair can be an adventure for some of us. Where do you start? Is rice water really growing hair? Can I use coke? How come my hair does not grow?

Trust me, I know all about it. My journey started in 2003. Before that, I was diligently chemically treating my hair every 3 months. Spending all day at the salon, just to get “my hair done”. My hair get thinner with every treatment, but I did not even notice. Too occupied by the look I had, and the compliments I got with that on how ”professional and great” my hair looked. I got so used in the hairs on my bathroom floor, that I never stopped to look at what was causing it, let alone what I was heading for. It was not until one rainy day, when I was putting away old pictures into a photo album. My eye caught an old picture of mine and the way my hair looked then. How could I not have noticed that my hair was changing and had changed! What happened ? I could not believe my hair looked like that.

Basic aim of this workshop is to introduce you help you achieve a mind shift in hair care so that you can start get real results. Not only for you, but for your clients as well. Our philosophy is also backed by products in each pillar. We do not just teach you the theory, we can help you in the practical part as well. The natural hair care products we promote are all free from harsh chemical ingredients. They do not contain mineral oils, parables, formaldehyde or any other harsh chemical ingredient. They are cruelty free and have all been formulated in house by me. I personally searched and tested for the best ingredients to give your hair the benefits it deserves. I combined these ingredients with the love and passion I have for hair, the many years of research and the results are there for you to use.


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Remember! This is an online webinar and it is totally free. Anyone who is interested in how you can successfully treat ( your natural) Hair is welcome to attend.

Mostly when people think about hair care,

they think about the products you apply to your hair.

Let me tell you, that hair care is far more than just that. It starts long before you can even see your hair. It does not start with a product, it starts from within, in your body.

Now, I do realize that, over the last decades, a product approach has been sold to us as the solution to your hair care problems. Nothing is further from the truth my friend. Haircare is NISH! It is the total sum of the different pillars. These pillars should not be used separately, they complement each other, they work together to give you the result the way nature intended it.

This is why invite you to my free online webinar, where I will give you the basics on the holistic
hair care philosophy I developed called NISH

I have developed a proven system to successfully treat your hair.

In the past couple of years, I invested a lot in investigating, learning and testing. This eventually has formed the basis of the holistic hair care philosophy NISH®.

“How to SUCCESFULLY Treat your Natural Hair”