Hair makes the man, the woman and the child. But what about the scalp?
The scalp is many things, the birth place of your hair, the feeding soil and the only place
where your hair is alive. Taking care of your scalp is an essential step in hair care.

Chemical products are not recommended. If you want to nourishment for your scalp, you
need all organic. You need Sisay Cosmetics Scalp Cleaner.

Scalp detoxification is as important as detoxification of any other part of your body. To
remove the gunk and toxins from your scalp you must use scalp cleanser once a week.

Recommended usage:
 Use once a week to get desirable results.
 It is suitable for all hair/skin types.
 Available in 250 ml and 30 ml bottle

 Suitable to use on scaling scalp
 Best to use in combination with our scalp massager and Herbal scalp oil



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