We only use ingredients that do not have a damaging effect on the hair. Our products are free of silicones, mineral oils, parabens or any other damaging chemical ingredients.

Furthermore, our ingredients and products are not tested on animals and therefore cruelty free. We also pay high attention to the providers of our ingredients if they operate according the same standards.

We are fond of unique ingredients. That’s why you’ll find these often in our products. Nourish, repair, condition, replenish, moisture… We select ingredients that will work for the specific characteristics of your hair. We select ingredients from all over the world knowing they will have an actual effect.


All our ingredients are chemical… Everything surrounding us is chemical, even mashing up a banana and mixing this with oil has a chemical reaction. By having this knowledge, we prefer to talk about natural based ingredients or products. This means that our ingredients are sourced from nature, yet they are chemically processed.

You can be certain that all of our ingredients are put together with the utmost care.