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Dear Naturalista,

If you are one of those ladies that have tried everything in the book, followed all the YouTube videos and even stood on your head every now and then just to grow your hair without success. If you are in a position where you’re looking for answers to really take your skills to the next level, so you can finally actually experience the results you have set your goals, then this is for you

To rapidly move from mediocre hair care results to actually growing long strong beautiful hair. Head over to and schedule your complimentary, one on one “Discovery Call” now, (Valued at $297).

The discovery call is something I created specifically for people like you – where you’re ready to build or improve your hair care regime, as well as your understanding about hair so that you can use this to retain your length.[/text_block]

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– Janine Van Throo

Natural Hair Therapist[/text_block]

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Client Testimonials

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Very good experiences! Knowledgeable person puts you at ease. Friendly to deal with. The products work well for me for my hair type. Janine knows what she’s talking about In the unlikely event that a product does not work, she will help you find another one. Janine is also fair if her product does not work, she does not “rub” you on

Joan H

I have fairly good experiences with the products I have used so far. My hair is optimally stabilized, I only have a thin area on the front of my hair. I’m braiding it for now. Tomorrow I will release it and send a photo with a comparison for that

Sandra D

Janine is a passionate person. Someone who goes for what she believes. As a Natural hair therapist, she has an eye for the customer. In addition, she does everything to find the right information and methods, so that she can give the maximum as a Natural therapist. You can see that reflected in the products that she develops with care. For me personally, Janine is someone I can trust and rely on.

Silvia P

Janine van Throo is a driven, honest woman and a professional in her field.I have very good experience and can always count on very good advice and explanation about the products that make you clean inside and make you shine outside.I use the water kefir every morning with a teaspoon of MSM powder. This promotes my hair growth and literally cleanses me inside. I am very satisfied with the Herbal scalp oil, the okra hair line and my silk nightcap.

Carmen K

I came to you many years ago with bone-dry hair. You taught me that we need more than just oils and fats like shea butter. I became aware that hydration is the key. I was introduced to your products and became a fan of the okra pudding .. Pure hydration in a jar without the greasy feeling .. I love it.

What I admire about you is your knowledge, not only of ingredients and how our hair reacts to that, but also the basics: healthy hair comes from within. Through the years you taught me the value of nutrition and supplements for my hair.I got to learn about valuable supplements and herbs that are very beneficial to my hair. Sishake, msm powder, shikakai powder and much much more.

Kefir!!!! Because of you I started using kefir, to heal and balance my gut, my favorite or all the gifts you gave me. What a pearl .. The use of kefir has improved my bowel function, I hardly have any cravings, I am saturated faster, which of course has a positive influence on my weight.

Good health means healthy hair!
Keep up the good work lady!

Deborah K

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