About Janine

Janine van Throo established Sisay Cosmetics in 2004 from a necessity. The necessity to provide high quality natural based products for natural hair.

It was in 2009 in the center of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, where she established one of the first hair salons that had a focus on treatments for natural hair. In that same year, she also launched her first product line. During these past years Janine has specialized herself to Natural Hair Therapist by following several trainings. And she has been educated to formulator of products.

Formulating products is Janine’s passion. All products with the Sisay brand are formulated by her. It is her passion to introduce high quality products with unique ingredients that actually do their job.

Besides making product formulas she also finds joy in sharing her knowledge. She has been able to give workshops and readings in her home country and internationally. Helping other reaching their hair goals is what satisfies her and pushes her to go the extra mile.

Next to workshops Janine also offers consultations. With a scientific background combined with a medical basic knowledge, she knows how to efficiently coach her clients to have healthy hair and scalp. Beside the scalp also the values of the nutrients in the body are being analyzed and calculated. These two measurements form the foundation for the end consult. Both analyses are established with the help of advanced equipment.

Together with the client we establish a treatment plan or the therapy that needs to be followed. In case it isn’t possible to treat the client, Janine has the authorization, thanks to her studies, to give the client a referral to a general practitioner or dermatologist.